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Soccer Fixed Matches Today

Soccer Fixed Matches Today

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The nature of sport fixed matches is its utter unpredictability. Have you ever wondered how any soccer player can score in the corner of the opponent’s goal in stoppage time? It seems to be ultimate luck, doesn’t it? 

The answer is both yes and no. Sometimes the game of football really is a game of masters of their craft, “magicians” who will do. Everything to place the ball in the opponent’s goal.

Sometimes it’s something different. Sometimes it all happens after a prior agreement on the end result. And we know this shatters your dreams of a fair and just game. However something FIFA fights so hard to get fixed matches… Soccer Fixed Matches.

Since the beginning of history, human nature has been to secure a malicious benefit from the activity being done. It is the same in football. Thus, soccer fixed matches today became part of our reality with the very beginning of this sport. In the late 19th century.

Now it’s even worse. Or better. It depends on how you will use that information about fixed matches that does not reach every person on the planet.

Sure Fixed Matches

Proleter football player Nikola Ninković was outraged at the refereeing in the match against Radnički 1923. Which his team lost with a score of 2:1. Soccer Fixed Matches Today is here to help you to understand.

After the home team’s second goal, Ninković received a red card after kicking Mirić while he was lying on the ground.

“For the first goal, the ball went into the goal-out. The referee played a non-existent corner, after which they equalized. I know that now the situation will calm down, there will be a normal trial, but it will all last a day or two and let’s go to Jovo again. There is no prosperity here for young players.

Zimbabwe Fixed Matches

They are forced to play matches where the winner is known in advance. Suffice it to say that the referee called the first foul for us in the 68th minute in a game full of tackles and charges. The host had the slightest contact, which would not have been played in any more serious and stronger league.

“We shouldn’t even have come to Kragujevac! We are doomed to defeat in advance. What we experienced today is not even in Zimbabwe, such referee injustice…

Is it a fixed match? This is probably what is meant by the term sure fixed matches.


Fixed Matches Today

Who is Mark Ferguson?

Allegedly, as he himself stated in the description of his biography, he is the director of “Mark Ferguson real estate”, again an alleged real estate agency, for Soccer Fixed Matches Today which is allegedly located in Canada.

The director of this agency, however, immediately goes on to state that he is employed by “Bookie” and “Make money online”, with links that lead to pages where alleged tips on the results of football matches are published.

Without a specific address, phone number… And all this with the slogan: “We don’t deal with tip-offs, we pay people to do it for us”.

Judging by Ferguson’s FB profile, as proof of the past results, he mostly publishes tickets from the bookmaker “bet365“, as well as tickets from the bookmaker “Tipico” from Austria.

In private photos, Ferguson mostly poses with a luxury “Mercedes” with foreign license plates, but he also has two private photos in company. On one, she is in a cafe with a few men, whom she calls “her team”.

On the second with alleged relatives, at a private celebration… And that’s all. All the other photos show “satisfied customers” or money as evidence of tips, but in some posts he also mentions the names of other people, who are again allegedly part of his team.


Soccer Fixed Matches Today

And of course everything is alleged because there is no proof that it is really the real Mark Ferguson. Nowhere is it stated where he is from, where he lives, what school he went to…

Everything points to a poorly made fake FB profile, but which can attract the attention of the inexperienced and lead them to become victims of fraud.

Of course, Ferguson is not the only one who promises easy, fast and safe earnings on social networks, with a quota of even 800, which means 800 times more profit than the invested money.

Facebook and Instagram are full of “Fergusons” who, under their own or fake names, as well as names such as “Sure Win“, “Betting Tips“, “Betting Tips” offer reliable, safe information about fixed matches. Of course for money. According to the same principle, the Facebook profile is named “Safe tips. Odds” works that way. Their latest post reads: “Counting in progress. Been working and making good money this week”.


100 Sure Fixed Matches

All, of course, with a shot of the money counting machine, in which 50 euro banknotes are lined up. In the profile photo, there is a picture of a young man with a darkened face, but with an already classic decoration: a luxury vehicle, under a palm tree. The Facebook profile “100 Sure Fixed Matches” works according to the same principle, and entices customers with an ad: “The first three members get a free match for tomorrow”.

Soccer Fixed Matches Today is best think for today.

Attorney Marlon Brown says Ferguson’s business is a classic crime of attempted fraud for Soccer Fixed Matches Today.

“It is unlikely that he, if this is indeed his profile, has reliable information about the results of the matches. It is a classic attempt to defraud, for which the maximum penalty is up to ten years in prison,” says lawyer Brown. Soccer Fixed Matches Today is best offer for every client to start to win money.

Such cases are normally under the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor’s Office for High-Tech Crime, but so far it has not been announced that anyone from Europe has been arrested for false betting tips.

It is only evident that social networks are flooded with various shady types, who saw in fake profiles a chance to get money from gullible citizens, and the only arrests in Europe for this crime were made in Foča, and on several occasions, which is why believes that this place in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the center of betting scams. Lots of money, lots of scammers, lots of victims.

However, if you want something different, if you want to get maybe not fixed matches that will bring you millions, but real predictions today, then you are in the right place. And we are honored by this fact.

soccer fixed matches today

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