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The nature of sport fixed matches is its utter unpredictability. Have you ever wondered how any soccer player can score in the corner of the opponent’s goal in stoppage time? It seems to be ultimate luck, doesn’t it?

The answer is both yes and no. Sometimes the game of football really is a game of masters of their craft, “magicians” who will do everything to place the ball in the opponent’s goal.

Sometimes it’s something different. Sometimes it all happens after a prior agreement on the end result. And we know this shatters your dreams of a fair and just game, something FIFA fights so hard to get fixed matches

Since the beginning of history, human nature has been to secure a malicious benefit from the activity being done. It is the same in football. Thus, fixed matches became part of our reality with the very beginning of this sport, in the late 19th century.

Now it’s even worse. Or better. It depends on how you will use that information about fixed matches that does not reach every person on the planet.

Sure Fixed Matches

Proleter football player Nikola Ninković was outraged at the refereeing in the match against Radnički 1923, which his team lost with a score of 2:1.

After the home team’s second goal, Ninković received a red card after kicking Mirić while he was lying on the ground.

“For the first goal, the ball went into the goal-out. The referee played a non-existent corner, after which they equalized. I know that now the situation will calm down, there will be a normal trial, but it will all last a day or two and let’s go to Jovo again. There is no prosperity here for young players. They are forced to play matches where the winner is known in advance. Suffice it to say that the referee called the first foul for us in the 68th minute in a game full of tackles and charges, and the host had the slightest contact, which would not have been played in any more serious and stronger league. Nadamnom was not awarded a clean penalty! Why is there VAR?! They didn’t even want to look at the controversial details,” Ninković told Informer.

Ninković said that his team should not have come to Kragujevac for the match with Radnički in 1923.

“We shouldn’t even have come to Kragujevac! We are doomed to defeat in advance. What we experienced today is not even in Zimbabwe, such referee injustice… Not because of my exclusion, the red was deserved, but the goals scored by Radnički are ridiculous to say the least. I won’t even comment on Radnički’s winning goal. The boy carries the ball with his hand and hits the net! We were absolutely ripped off, but I’m not mad at the ref, he’s paid to do it. Obviously we had to lose! I have to say everything, so that I may be punished, but I have had enough. We Proleter players also have families, we live from football, we are athletes, that should be a good thing, however, it all boils down to shady actions that last for years. Everything is known in advance, who is the champion and who is relegated”.

Is it a fixed match? This is probably what is meant by the term sure fixed matches.

Fixed Matches Today

Who is Mark Ferguson?

Allegedly, as he himself stated in the description of his biography, he is the director of “Mark Ferguson real estate”, again an alleged real estate agency, which is allegedly located in Canada. The director of this agency, however, immediately goes on to state that he is employed by “Bookie” and “Make money online”, with links that lead to pages where alleged tips on the results of football matches are published. Without a specific address, phone number… And all this with the slogan: “We don’t deal with tip-offs, we pay people to do it for us”.

Judging by Ferguson’s FB profile, as proof of the past results, he mostly publishes tickets from the bookmaker “bet365“, as well as tickets from the bookmaker “Tipico” from Austria.

In private photos, Ferguson mostly poses with a luxury “Mercedes” with foreign license plates, but he also has two private photos in company. On one, she is in a cafe with a few men, whom she calls “her team”. On the second with alleged relatives, at a private celebration… And that’s all. All the other photos show “satisfied customers” or money as evidence of tips, but in some posts he also mentions the names of other people, who are again allegedly part of his team.

And of course everything is alleged because there is no proof that it is really the real Mark Ferguson. Nowhere is it stated where he is from, where he lives, what school he went to…

Everything points to a poorly made fake FB profile, but which can attract the attention of the inexperienced and lead them to become victims of fraud.

Of course, Ferguson is not the only one who promises easy, fast and safe earnings on social networks, with a quota of even 800, which means 800 times more profit than the invested money. Facebook and Instagram are full of “Fergusons” who, under their own or fake names, as well as names such as “Sure Win“, “Betting Tips“, “Betting Tips” offer reliable, safe information about fixed matches. Of course for money. According to the same principle, the Facebook profile is named “Safe tips. Odds” works that way. Their latest post reads: “Counting in progress. Been working and making good money this week”. All, of course, with a shot of the money counting machine, in which 50 euro banknotes are lined up. In the profile photo, there is a picture of a young man with a darkened face, but with an already classic decoration: a luxury vehicle, under a palm tree. The Facebook profile “100 Sure Fixed Matches” works according to the same principle, and entices customers with an ad: “The first three members get a free match for tomorrow”.

Attorney Marlon Brown says Ferguson’s business is a classic crime of attempted fraud.

“It is unlikely that he, if this is indeed his profile, has reliable information about the results of the matches. It is a classic attempt to defraud, for which the maximum penalty is up to ten years in prison,” says lawyer Brown.

Such cases are normally under the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor’s Office for High-Tech Crime, but so far it has not been announced that anyone from Europe has been arrested for false betting tips. It is only evident that social networks are flooded with various shady types, who saw in fake profiles a chance to get money from gullible citizens, and the only arrests in Europe for this crime were made in Foča, and on several occasions, which is why believes that this place in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the center of betting scams. Lots of money, lots of scammers, lots of victims.

However, if you want something different, if you want to get maybe not fixed matches that will bring you millions, but real predictions today, then you are in the right place. And we are honored by this fact.


The former Partizan football player apostrophes the incidents with local fans at the “Čika Dača” stadium.

“Even three times, the fans of Radnički jumped over the stands, entered the field and shot at us. One of them hits our player, and the referee, instead of stopping the game and emptying that part, asks them to come back! It is not found anywhere in the world. He continued the game as if nothing had happened. That’s why I ask – is there order here and what needs to happen in order for some changes to occur in our football? At least as far as the protection of the players of the match is concerned. In England, they don’t have fences, but to enter, you have to go to prison for several years, here anyone can do what they want.”

Ninković also said that he apologized to Marko Mirić.

“I apologized to Marko for what I did to him, it was all because of the prevailing situation. I repeat, red is justified, but everything else is not. I also congratulated Nenad Lalatović on his victory, as well as most of the Radnicki players with whom I have been friends since. I would most like to have said after the game that the people of Kragujevac were better, we failed, I played badly and that we deservedly lost. But it’s not like that, we were robbed and that’s the whole truth,” Ninković concluded.

And it seems that the fixing of the matches also leads to huge nervousness and headaches for some of the actors who are not familiar with the whole process in advance…

100 Sure Football Predictions

Fraud insurance, 100 percent fixed. You’ve probably read something like this so many times…

The reality is that football fixed matches are not something that every individual can come up with.

“Information about the next matches is known. Contact us, fulfill our conditions. Let’s all earn together. Hurry up and reserve your place on time. The matches are one hundred percent safe. Don’t waste your time. The number of places is limited. The conditions are excellent,” this is how they voiced posts for fixed predictions on Facebook and other social networks.

He has never made the conditions he mentions public, but invites those interested to contact him exclusively in his inbox for further arrangements. Of course, the offer, as he states, is valid only for serious “buyers”, ready to cooperate.

“Get in touch so I can explain the procedure to you. More than 500 satisfied customers since the beginning of the year and that gives us great pleasure. Become part of the team that earns well,” announced a certain Mark Ferguson on June 30.

If you want to fall for such “tricks”, then feel free to visit these web pages, and if you want to focus on football predictions that are the work of our analyzes made with the help of advanced mathematical algorithms, then follow us and our fixed matches today.

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Soccer, also known as football in many countries, is one of the most popular sports in the world. With over 250 million players worldwide and millions of fans following the sport, soccer has a rich history and cultural significance that spans the globe.

The sport is known for its fast-paced action, skilled players, and the thrill of competition. From the roar of the crowd to the excitement of a last-minute goal, soccer has the ability to create unforgettable memories and emotions. Whether it’s playing with friends, watching live games, or following your favorite team, soccer has something to offer for everyone.

In addition to its entertainment value, soccer also has the power to make a positive impact on communities. With programs and initiatives aimed at using the sport as a tool for social change, soccer can promote physical activity, healthy living, and help address issues such as poverty, inequality, and conflict.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or just discovering the sport, soccer is a sport that has something to offer. Get involved, share your passion, and discover why soccer is truly the beautiful game!

Another great aspect of soccer is the excitement of international competitions such as the World Cup, the European Championships, and the Copa America. These tournaments bring together the best teams from around the world to compete for glory and represent their countries on the global stage. The World Cup, in particular, is the biggest soccer tournament and is held every four years, attracting billions of fans from all over the world.

The sport also has a strong tradition of rivalries, with local derbies and historic fixtures between teams creating a sense of passion and intensity. From the El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid to the North London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham, these matches are always highly anticipated and generate a lot of excitement among fans.

Finally, the sport has a long history of producing legendary players, from Pelé and Maradona to Zidane and Ronaldo. These players have not only left their mark on the sport but have also inspired millions of fans worldwide with their skills, determination, and passion for the game.

In conclusion, soccer is a sport that has something for everyone. Whether you’re a player, a fan, or just curious, it’s a sport that has the power to inspire, motivate, and bring joy to people all over the world. So get involved and discover why soccer truly is the beautiful game!

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Single Fixed Matches

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29 March 2023 WEDNESDAY

Match Dudelange – Fola = 1 (1.30) Ft: 2:1 WIN

Match Canada – Honduras = 1 (1.35) Ft: 4:1 WIN

Match Asan – Jeonju Citizen = 1 (1.25) Ft: 2:0 WIN

28 March 2023 TUESDAY

Match Altrincham – Notts Co = 2 (1.50) Ft: 0:2 WIN

Match Jordan – Philippines = 1 (1.30) Ft: 4:0 WIN

27 March 2023 MONDAY

Match Ireland – France = 2 (1.45) Ft: 0:1 WIN

Match Niger – Algeria = 2 (1.30) Ft: 0:1 WIN

Match North Macedonia – Faroe Islands = 1 (1.55) Ft: 1:0 WIN

Match Poland – Albania = 1 (1.60) Ft: 1:0 WIN

26 March 2023 SUNDAY

Match England – Ukraine = 1 (1.35) Ft: 2:0 WIN

Match Kolding IF – Roskilde = 1 (1.50) Ft: 2:1 WIN

25 March 2023 SATURDAY

Match Notts Co – Scunthorpe = 1 (1.30) Ft: 4:0 WIN

Match Crusaders – Carrick Rangers = 1 (1.35) Ft: 3:0 WIN

24 March 2023 FRIDAY

Match Austria – Azerbaijan = 1 (1.30) Ft: 4:1 WIN

Match Dungannon – Linfield = 2 (1.35) Ft: 0:5 WIN

23 March 2023 THURSDAY

Match North Macedonia – Malta = 1 (1.40) Ft: 2:1 WIN

Match Sporting Macau – Cheng Fung = 2 (1.25) Ft: 1:3 WIN

Match Ceara – Alagoinhas = 1 (1.35) Ft: 3:1 WIN

22 March 2023 WEDNESDAY

Match Serbia U19 – Latvia U19 = 1 (1.30) Ft: 1:0 WIN

Match Portugal U19 – Sweden U19 = 1 (1.45) Ft: 1:0 WIN

Match Luzern II – Kriens = 1 (1.55) Ft: 3:2 WIN

21 March 2023 TUESDAY

Match Greifswald – TB Berlin = 1 (1.30) Ft: 5:0 WIN

Match Sheffield Utd U21 – Burnley U21 = 1 (1.45) Ft: 4:0 WIN

Match Dep. Cuenca – Cumbaya = 1 (1.75) Ft: 1:0 WIN

20 March 2023 MONDAY

Match Al-Ahli Manama – Al-Ittifaq = 1 (1.40) Ft: 1:0 WIN

Match Emelec – Tecnico U. = 1 (1.45) Ft: 1:0 WIN

Match Persib Bandung – Dewa United = 1 (1.55) Ft: 2:1 WIN

19 March 2023 SUNDAY

Match Arsenal – Crystal Palace = 1 (1.35) Ft: 4:1 WIN

Match Real Sociedad – Elche = 1 (1.45) Ft: 2:0 WIN

Match Al Nahda – Al Orouba = 1 (1.45) Ft: 2:0 WIN

18 March 2023 SATURDAY

Match Besiktas – Istanbulspor AS = 1 (1.35) Ft: 3:1 WIN

Match Alloa – Clyde = 1 (1.55) Ft: 3:1 WIN

Match Celtic – Hibernian = 1 (1.25) Ft: 3:1 WIN

17 March 2023 FRIDAY

Match Atalanta – Empoli = 1 (1.50) Ft: 2:1 WIN

Match Bohemians – UC Dublin = 1 (1.35) Ft: 2:1 WIN

Match Sabah – Penang = 1 (1.35) Ft: 5:2 WIN

Match Zwolle – Breda = 1 (1.45) Ft: 2:0 WIN

16 March 2023 THURSDAY

Match Feyenoord – Shakhtar Donetsk = 1 (1.50) Ft: 7:1 WIN

Match Catanzaro – Monterosi = 1 (1.25) Ft: 3:0 WIN


15 March 2023 WEDNESDAY

Match Napoli – Eintracht Frankfurt = 1 (1.45) Ft: 3:0 WIN

Match Sumqayit – Qarabag = 2 (1.35) Ft: 0:6 WIN

Match Levadia – Tammeka = 1 (1.45) Ft: 3:0 WIN


14 March 2023 TUESDAY

Match Stevenage – Crewe = 1 (1.40) Ft: 1:0 WIN

Match Notts Co – Eastleigh = 1 (1.35) Ft: 3:1 WIN

Match Flora – Narva = 1 (1.30) Ft: 5:0 WIN

Match Manchester City – RB Leipzig = 1 (1.40) Ft: 7:0 WIN


13 March 2023 MONDAY

Match Versailles – Bastia-Borgo = 1 (1.40) Ft: 1:0 WIN

Match Hapoel Tel Aviv – Maccabi Haifa = 2 (1.40) Ft: 0:1 WIN


12 March 2023 SUNDAY

Match Newcastle – Wolves = 1 (1.65) Ft: 2:1 WIN

Match Aris – Giannina = 1 (1.50) Ft: 3:1 WIN

Match Gyirmot – Csakvari = 1 (1.40) Ft: 2:1 WIN


11 March 2023 SATURDAY

Match Wisla – Tychy = 1 (1.45) Ft: 2:1 WIN

Match Stirling – Bonnyrigg Rose = 1 (1.50) Ft: 2:1 WIN

Match Hearts – Celtic = 2 (1.40) Ft: 0:3 WIN


10 March 2023 FRIDAY

Match Heracles – Jong AZ = 1 (1.40) Ft: 2:0 WIN

Match Glentoran – Glenavon = 1 (1.30) Ft: POSTPONED

Match Rakow – Slask Wroclaw = 1 (1.40) Ft: 4:1 WIN


09 March 2023 THURSDAY

Match Bayer Leverkusen – Ferencvaros = 1 (1.35) Ft: 2:0 WIN

Match Al-Budaiya – Al-Muharraq = 2 (1.35) Ft: 1:5 WIN

Match Al-Shabab – Al Feiha = 1 (1.50) Ft: 3:2 WIN


08 March 2023 WEDNESDAY

Match Bayern Munich – Paris SG = 1 (1.75) Ft: 2:0 WIN

Match Atromitos – AEK Athens FC = 2 (1.45) Ft: 0:1 WIN

Match Lamia – PAOK = 2 (1.35) Ft: 1:5 WIN

07 March 2023 TUESDAY

Match Benfica – Club Brugge KV = 1 (1.45) Ft: 5:1 WIN

Match Al Ahly – Arab Contractors = 1 (1.45) Ft: 2:1 WIN

Match Ipswich – Accrington = 1 (1.35) Ft: 3:0 WIN

06 March 2023 MONDAY

Match Panathinaikos – Panetolikos = 1 (1.30) Ft: 2:0 WIN

Match Maccabi Haifa – Hapoel Haifa = 1 (1.35) Ft: 4:1 WIN

Match Genoa – Cosenza = 1 (1.45) Ft: 4:0 WIN

Match Graafschap – Helmond = 1 (1.55) Ft: 2:0 WIN

05 March 2023 SUNDAY

Match Braga – Rio Ave = 1 (1.50) Ft: 2:0 WIN

Match Ranheim – Bodo/Glimt = 2 (1.25) Ft: 0:4 WIN

04 March 2023 SATURDAY

Match Manchester City – Newcastle = 1 (1.50) Ft: 2:0 WIN

Match Al Kuwait – Al Naser = 1 (1.50) Ft: 7:2 WIN

Match Paris SG – Nantes = 1 (1.35) Ft: 4:2 WIN

Match Chelsea – Leeds = 1 (1.65) Ft: 1:0 WIN

03 March 2023 FRIDAY

Match Sheffiled Utd U21 – Barnsley U21 = 1 (1.40) Ft: 2:1 WIN

Match Throttur – Fylkir = 2 (1.35) Ft: 1:2 WIN

02 March 2023 THURSDAY

Match Valur – Kopavogur = 1 (1.25) Ft: 1:0 WIN

Match PSV – Den Haag = 1 (1.25) Ft: 3:1 WIN

Match FCSB – Petrolul = 1 (1.50) Ft: 4:1 WIN



Football, also known as the beautiful game, is a beloved sport enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. With its fast-paced action, skilled players, and the thrill of competition, it’s no wonder that football has become a global phenomenon. Whether it’s watching live games, playing with friends, or following your favorite team, there is something for everyone in the world of football.

The sport has the power to bring people together, bridging cultural and linguistic barriers as fans come together to cheer on their teams. From the roar of the crowd to the excitement of a last-minute goal, football has the ability to create unforgettable memories and emotions.

Moreover, football is also a great tool for physical and mental development, helping to build discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills. Whether playing or simply watching the game, football provides opportunities for personal growth and development.

So, whether you’re a seasoned fan or just discovering the beautiful game, football is a sport that has something to offer for everyone. Embrace the excitement and join the worldwide football community today!

Football is not just a sport, it’s a way of life for many people. It brings people from all walks of life together to share in their passion for the game. From the players on the field to the fans in the stands, football has the power to inspire, motivate, and bring joy to people all over the world.

The sport has a rich history and cultural significance, with legendary players and iconic moments that will forever be remembered. Whether it’s Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal or Zidane’s stunning volley in the 2002 UEFA Champions League final, football has given us some of the greatest moments in sports history.

Furthermore, football also has the power to make a positive impact on communities, with programs and initiatives aimed at using the sport as a tool for social change. From promoting physical activity and healthy living to addressing issues such as poverty, inequality, and conflict, football is a force for good in the world.

So, whether you’re a fan, player, or just curious, football is a sport that has something to offer. Get involved, share your passion, and discover why football is truly the beautiful game!

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